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Big Bear Pro Casting Rods

Big Bear Rods

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New for 2012, the original Big Bear rod now features the same American made, lightweight super sensisitive high modulus graphite blank as the Micro Spiral and Pro series rods and is offered at the lowest prices yet. The lightest, most durable Pac Bay minima line guides and a graphite blank exposed reel seat help to create a remarkable fishing rod. As always, every Big Bear rod features the same incredible grip design, a lifetime limited warranty, and are super line and salt water ready. 

The Big Bear Grip design allows anglers to make longer more accurate casts and solid more powerful hook sets without limiting sensitivity or increasing weight. It also helps to reduce hand fatigue and performs incredibly in wet and cold conditions. The grips are made from a secret synthetic rubber formula using dual ply technology. The inside is hard for maximum sensitivity and durability. The outside is firm and textured for extra rod control and comfort.

* If it’s raining, water is channeled underneath your hand and it won’t slip on the hook set or on a long cast. 
*The grips are insulating from the cold. They warm up with the heat from your hand after just a few cast.
*Your hand will not be as tried at the end of the fishing day because you do not have to hold Big Bear rods as tightly as conventional rods. 

Every Big Bear fishing rod features no-fore-grip design and all casting rods have a blank exposed reel seat for maximum sensitivity.

All Big Bear rods also have a split handle. The butt grips are cushioned and rounded for hard hook sets; and long enough for comfortable two handed cast.

Large font on the split handle allows anglers to easily identify the LPA (Length, Power, Action) of a rod while still in the rod box.

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Big Bear Fishing Rods are extremely versatile.  We don’t build technique specific rods because we believe there is no one perfect rod for any single lure or technique. Everyone is different and fishing conditions can change hour by hour. 


Buzzbait                          M-F, MH-F

Carolina Rig                    MH-F, 3/4H-F

Chatterbait                      MH-F, 3/4H-F

Deep Diving Crankbait     M-F, MH-F

Drop Shot                       L-F, ML-F

Fluke                               M-F, MH-F

Flippin                             MH-F, 3/4H-F, H-F
Frog                                3/4H-F, H-F

Jerkbait                            ML-F, M-F

Jig                                   MH-F, 3/4H-F, H-F

Large Topwater               M-F, MH-F

Light Crankbait                L-F, ML-F

Light Topwater                L-F, ML-F

Medium Crankbait           ML-F, M-F

Medium Topwater           ML-F, M-F

Rattle Trap                      L-F, ML-F, M-F

Senko                             MH-F, 3/4H-F

Shakey Head                   ML-F, M-F, MH-F

Spinnerbait                      M-F, MH-F, 3/4H-F

Spoon                             MH-F, 3/4H-F

Swimbait                         3/4H-F, H-F

Texas Rig                        MH-F, 3/4H-F, H-F

Weightless Worm            ML-F, M-F

Ryan Collins- UK Bass Team